Bio Facial Skin Rejuvenation is an outstanding and latest non-surgical technique to rejuvenate facial skin. It accomplishes many feats:

How it Works?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is used for the regeneration of the facial tissue. PRP is basically taken from concentrated plasma of the patient’s own blood. It contains more than 30 growth factors. We inject this plasma full of regenerative powers of healing into the face.

Through the procedure of Bio Facial, we strike an immune response from your body with the help of a needling technique. This immune response stimulates the platelets, collagens, elastin, fibroblasts and growth factors that help regenerate your facial tissue. It takes approximately six weeks for new collagen to form. The induction of collagen heals scarring by acne and reverses aging effects.

PRP treatment is non-surgical as well as organic revolutionary procedure.

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How PRP Function?

Treatment applications include:

Forehead lines , Frown lines , Brow shaping Cheek , definition Bunny lines , Crows feet, Eye circle ,Lip wrinkles ,Chin creasing ,Nasolabial folds , Mouth frown , Accordion lines, Marrionate lines , Jaw line , Back of the hands, Décolleté wrinkles or crease-marked skin

prp function

What to expect after the procedure?

After the procedure, you can easily go out and carry on your routine life. No need to stay overnight or do follow up visits.

The healing process has 3 basic stages:

Inflammation Regeneration Remodelling

Inflammation stage lasts for almost 2-3 days, when the fibroblasts are injected to the site and they break down the old cells. Fibroblasts help the collagen deposit in the skin. The unhealthy collagen cells are replaced with new healthy ones.

Regenerative stage lasts for several weeks. This is the time when new collagens are formed in the skin.

Finally in the Remodeling phase, the production of collagens continues and these newly formed collagens strengthen the skin. The result of the repair in the facial tissues is regenerated and rejuvenated skin with smooth appearance and youthful feel. The duration of remodeling stage can be a year long.

Dermatologists advise to have 3 Bio-Facial injections during the course of 18 months to fully rejuvenate the tissues.