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StemGenn Therapeutics is leading the Research and Development of efficient and affordable Cell Therapy , Preventive & Personalized Functional Medicine for a wide range of Metabolic, Auto immune & Lifestyle conditions. StemGenn aiming for Develop personalised Products for Cosmetic Gynecology, Infertility & Aesthetic Medicine. StemGenn Provides Personalized Care for Men’s Health for their Complete care from Skin, Diet to Sexual Health (Erectile Dysfunction). StemGenn Started exclusive Training Program to doctors , scientists and researchers for Regenerative Medicine, PRP, Cosmetic Gynecology( Vulvo-Vaginal Rejuvenation), Aesthetic Medicine, Laser, Radio Frequency and Bio-Revitalisation techniques first time in India . Stemgenn’s vision is to create a better and healthy world with cellular therapies and regenerative medicine. We aim at leveraging the benefits of stem cell therapy for anti-aging. Our core values consist of Caring, Safety, Excellence and Integrity for creating a healthy tomorrow." We are proud to offer the highest standard of individualized patient-centered programs that maintain health and reverse many of the effects of aging. We encourage you to take that first step toward regaining your optimal energy and vitality. Make a commitment to be your best by investing time, energy, and resources into your health. This means that you do not have to accept symptoms like weight-gain, bad skin, sleep problems and low libido as inevitable. Mission : Contribute to human health by enabling technologies using Regenerative Medicine.



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Dr. Prabhu Mishra
President, CEO, Co-founder
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Richa Jha
Managing Director and Founder – StemGenn Therapeutics
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Dr. Deepti Dua
Research Scientist
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Graham Simpson
MD. graduated from the University of Witwatersrand
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Dr. Natalia kaszuba
MD Medicine
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Dr. Manish Khanna
Chief Consultant Orthpaedic Surgeon & Director, Apley Clinic Orthopaedic Centre

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