Regenerative Medicine

Understanding  Regenerative Medicine: The future of healthcare It is our body’s natural capacity to heal, when inflicted with wound. Regenerative medicine harnesses this power of our bodies to replace damaged tissues and allow the growth of new ones. As the name suggests, the promising field facilitates “regeneration” of tissues and organs that are damaged by trauma, disease, or congenital issues. This implies that by using the tools of regenerative medicine. one can treat the underlying cause of a diseased or damaged tissue rather than just treating the symptoms. Regenerative medicine is not a Pill! It is a set of approaches

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PRP therapy

PRP Therapy A novel method for facial skin and vaginal rejuvenation With age, we observe many changes in our skin as it begins to loose volume, moisture decreases, wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear and loss of skin elasticity leading to sagging of the skin tissue. We see these changes appearing first on our face however, same effects are observed in the vagina and vulva region. Natural events like ageing, childbirth and hormonal changes affect the skin and tissue in your vagina, which leads to laxity, dryness and reduced sexual sensation. At StemGenn therapeutics, due to our enriched experience

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