Autologous Nano-Fat Stem Cell Therapy

While conducting the procedure, we isolate stem cells from the patient’s own body fat, process it under refined conditions and then re-administer it into the target area that requires healing.  The actuality of the stem cell treatment is that Injuries result in the release of Cytokines and once the processed stem cells are re-administered into patients body, these administered stem cells locate the cytokines using their cytokine receptors, aggregate into the damaged tissue and heal the affected area. How do we perform Autologous Nano Fat Stem Cell Treatment?​ Autologous Nano fat stem cell therapy is nearly a four hour long,

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PRP Therapy for Ovarian Rejuvenation: an emerging ray of hope

INTRODUCTION Ovarian Rejuvenation is a novel form of treatment that has turned the fertility clock for women anti-clockwise. It has helped resolve problems and elevate chances of naturally conceived pregnancies. Under favourable biological conditions, Stem Cells are capable of transforming themselves into any type of cell in the human body, including eggs. The researchers in Harvard have conducted studies demonstrating presence of Stem Cells in the ovaries and their transformation into egg cells  /mature oocytes. Likewise, presence of Stem Cells have also been observed in the human ovary, so it is quite possible that they can be transformed into eggs

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