Welcome to the StemGenn: Regenerative Aesthetic and Wellness Centre

StemGenn: Regenerative Aesthetic and Wellness Centre is leading the growth outburst in the aesthetic and wellness market; a niche of the health, beauty and wellness industry. The very first center was opened in beautiful locales of New Delhi in the year 2014. The center was opened with a primary goal of being the driving force and an innovator in the field of stem cells and anti-ageing. It is our top priority to provide our customers a safe, clean, sterile and friendly environment. Our sales growth, exemplary customer service delivery, and rapid growth guarantee we are the leading brand in the category.

As it is impossible to stop time, the professional at StemGenn Stem Cell Anti-Ageing and Rejuvenation Centre help to improve the health and appearance of clients providing a more enjoyable and quality life. When you feel healthy, you are more likely to be active, engaging and make the most of your every day. Better looks make you feel more confident and accomplished both in your personal and professional lives.

At StemGenn: Regenerative Aesthetic and Wellness Centre we are committed to wellness with beauty and grace.

Body Beautiful, The Stem Cell Way

StemGenn: Regenerative Aesthetic and Wellness Centre is a leading brand in the field of Stem Cell therapies. Stem cells, anti-ageing and wellness services have reached wide spread acceptance as the technology has advanced to become ever more precise and effective. Clients realize significant results within short period of time that improves the quality of their. Now, that non-invasive stem cells, anti- ageing, aesthetic and wellness services are available, clients are flocking at our centre.

With everything we do, we have developed a systematic approach of evaluating the degree of match between a person, their goals, business objectives and experience to our franchise offering. As we share information, we mutually agree, if our industry niche and business model is the best selection for you.

Stopping the body clock is not in anybody’s hands but erasing the signs of ageing is definitely an option. Women are obsessed with their looks, no doubt about it. The beauty and cosmetics market has experienced women investing huge amounts of money just to look good and young. Anti-ageing is an industry that speaks for itself. With fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation setting in as a woman start ageing, for her anti-ageing creams and treatments is the only ray of hope.

Standing on countless physicians’ shoulders, the founder of StemGenn Rejuvenation center created a suite to improve the health and appearance of our clients providing a more enjoyable and quality life through minimally invasive services.

Of course every StemGenn Stem Cell Anti-Ageing & Rejuvenation Centers are beautifully designed and spacious -approximately 1,500 square feet – in Class A retail or professional offices in high end locations. Each center operates under the direct supervision of a physician. In some situations the franchisee is also the Licensed, Supervising Physician; however that is not a requirement of franchise ownership. With our team of licensed and experienced professionals, we serve the exploding market of repeat clients seeking to feel and look their best at every age.

Our service offering includes:

Anti-ageing therapies in the form of natural therapy

Skin resurfacing and remodelling using laser treatments

Facial restoration that improves fine lines with dermal filler and Botox

Hair removal using laser treatments

Reduction of body fat

Body contouring using natural body contouring treatment

Non-surgical facelift using Ultherapy

Skin health restoration using stem cells

Minimally-invasive hair restoration by PRP therapy

Hypobaric chamber endurance enhancement by CVAC

The most advanced medical grade skin care products including stem cell technology

A complete line of organic vitamins and nutritional supplements. Intravenous nutraceutical therapy,
Hormone replacement therapy

  • Those looking for early intervention of ageing process.
  • Those yearning for slow ageing process that has already started.
  • Aged 25 to 50+ years old

With StemGenn continuing to make a mark across the country, it is now seeking both successful business operators or managers and medical professionals to become franchise owners.

We are now a leader in the industry and have set standards of expertise and excellence in the stem cell industry. Our client’s roster is growing by the day and this would be a good opportunity for interested professionals or business owners to collaborate with us.

With everything we do in the terms of stem cell therapy, we have developed a systematic approach of evaluating the degrees of match we would like to achieve with a person, his or her goals, business objective and experience so to become a franchise.

We would like to ensure that a potential franchisee is agreeable to our business model and be prepared to be in this industry for a long term.

The company prefers specific categories of professionals to be their partners- as for example, physicians. As our business model can help a physician develop his or her practice further. We also welcome Entrepreneurs; they can build an enterprise with our multi-unit business model and serve both the millennial and baby boomer market segments.

Rejuvenation is a medical discipline focused on the practical reversal of the ageing process. It is the reversal of ageing and thus requires a different strategy, namely repair of the damage that is associated with ageing or replacement of damaged tissue with new tissue. Stem Cell Therapy is one of the most exciting and promising areas of medical advancement in the 21st Century. These cells can differentiate into many different cell types to regenerate and renew damaged or diseased cells. These therapies are carried out at Stem Cell Rejuvenation Centres.

One such center is “StemGenn: Regenerative Aesthetic and Wellness Centre”. This one of a kind facility offers franchise opportunity to empower the customers to age

younger gracefully by encouraging them to work on their bodies and working on getting a stronger immune system.

The very first center was opened in beautiful locales of New Delhi in the year 2014. The center was opened with a primary goal of being the driving force and an innovator in the field of stem cells and anti-ageing. It is our top priority to provide our customers a safe, clean, sterile and friendly environment.

Since the time of centre’s inception, we have been revolutionizing the industry by introducing exclusive programs and services. Our programs of non-surgical procedures for stem cells and PRP therapy for diseases; aesthetics like biofacial rejuvenation, breast augmentation, acne scars, pregnancy stretch marks, female sexual rejuvenation and hair rejuvenation; bio-identical hormone replacement therapy program; and anti-ageing, diabetes and obesity management programs enable our clients to achieve their goal of total body rejuvenation.

We Support you with:

  • Location determination
  • Design support
  • Equipment Sourcing
  • Training Module
  • Marketing Knowledge
  • Medical & Scientific advisory Board

Step 1: Prequalification

After receiving your Request for more information, one of our franchise representatives will contact you to discuss your experience, financial qualifications, and answer all your initial queries.

Step 2: Personal Profile Form

You will get a personal profile form through mail that provides background information about you and helps us plan further meetings. The Personal Profile does not obligate you in any way.

Step 3: Program Review

Though an hour webinar, in-depth review of our franchise offering, multi-unit business model, business objectives, market opportunity, performance of existing locations, growth though franchising and initial market selection discussion will be provided to you.

Step 4: Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

We will schedule a meeting call in order to review FDD highlights including: the estimate of your initial investment, applicable fees while operating the franchise, an overview of our support services, and a representation of the financial performance of currently operating units.

Step 5: Franchise Owner and Operator Validation

We will organize a time for you to interview existing franchise owners or operating managers regarding any topic of importance to you.

Step 5: Franchise Application

A formal franchise application and personal financial statement is submitted along with your Request for Consideration.

Step 6: Discovery Day

You will be invited to attend a Discovery Day at our World Headquarters facility. You will meet the owners and management team in person and ask any remaining questions you have about the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center franchise.

Step 7: Franchise Approval

Following Discovery Day, you will make your final decision to become a franchise owner and the company will make a similar decision regarding your application. Upon mutual agreement, franchise agreements will be prepared and sent to you for execution.

Step 8: Open Your Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center

Congratulations! You are now a franchise owner and will begin immediately working with our real estate department to secure a location.

Skills and Requirements

We seek individuals wanting to build an Enterprise with our multi-unit business model. To that end we offer several levels of franchise opportunities. You can choose a single unit or agree to develop a larger market area. Our Area Development Agreement requires a minimum of three Centers within a defined market to be developed over a specific number of years.

Candidates will have successful and proven business management or ownership experience with a strong commitment to on-going marketing investments.

Candidates who practice medicine will fulfill the requirement that each Center be supervised by a licensed MD. Those not licensed to practice may hire a Medical Director to oversee multiple locations or an MD to work in their Center.