The Regenerative Solution for Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus, defined as an epidemic of the 21st century, is usually classified into two distinct diabetic conditions: Type I, which is a high blood sugar condition caused by low insulin production in the body, and Type II, which indicates the body’s resistance to the produced insulin. Type II diabetes affects more people and is usually the result of bad diet, obesity, and lack or exercise. Thus, insulin production is vital for maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

Automatic repair of damaged pancreatic cells

Although conventional medicine does not offer any relief for diabetic patients except regular insulin injections or medications, now, stem cell treatment for diabetes seems to have transformed the lifestyles of diabetics. This unique non-invasive treatment procedure has the capacity to regenerate damaged pancreatic cells through the autologous method. This treatment procedure has benefitted both the Type 1 and Type II diabetic patients, and claims to:

  • Enable the regeneration of dead or damaged pancreatic cells
  • Remove the possibility of rejection through autologous technology
  • Reduce the symptoms of diabetes
  • Prevent the possibility of diabetes-induced health complications such as heart ailments, kidney malfunction, blindness, or amputation of limbs
  • Restore the balance of blood sugar levels in the human body.

As autologous stem cell treatment enables the replacement of dead cells from the body with its own regenerative cells, this treatment procedure has proved to be highly successful in reinstating the insulin-producing beta cells gone from the body. The biggest benefit of stem cell treatment for diabetes the timely prevention of heart disease, stroke, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic kidney, and diabetic foot, all of which are inevitable followers of Diabetes Mellitus.

Who may be treated with stem cell treatment for diabetes?

Here are some typical cases that can be effectively treated with stem cell therapy:

  • Diabetic patients with uncontrollable blood sugar levels
  • Patients currently suffering from Type 1 or Type II Diabetes
  • Patients having other health complications due to Diabetes

If any of the above types of patients visit any stem cell therapy center with medical history, and the relevant diagnostic reports,then the experts at the centers will initiatethe formal process of induction, which includes consultation and patient assessment for admission eligibility for stem cell treatment for diabetes.

Stemgenn: A recognized name in stem cell therapy

This research-focused, stem cell treatment facility in India and abroad has already made headline news by pioneering stem cell research, product development, manufacturing, and validation. This distinguished facility also serves as a consultant partner to other stem cell product development organizations. The autologous stem cell treatment for diabetes is highly affordable, regenerative, and a completely revolutionary cure for diabetes.


This page introduces stem cell treatment for diabetes to the vast population of diabetic patients looking for an affordable and regenerative treatment procedure